Studio update – Album preproduction is Done!

Horns up, Desert Warriors!
We are super thrilled to update you that ALL the song writing and pre-production for our upcoming album are DONE!
We spent 4 months and tons of hours at the A.G. Studio with Alex Zvulun – writing melodies, playing riffs, arguing about lyrics, drinking beers, sharing moments of inspiration, despair, and having those goose bumps you get when the magic is there – in order to create the best Desert album so far, no compromise.
We took a leap with our creativity, taking it to a totally new level with completely open mind. We tried a bunch of new ideas, techniques, sounds and styles. We approached the guitars, vocals, keyboards, everything – differently. The new album is gonna be a furious mix of old Desert and something new, exciting, for us at least! We did keep the epic choruses and big sing alongs. But now it’s heavier, edgier and more unpredictable than before. We are super happy with the result we got.
The job is only 50% done, though. Next month we’re gonna practically move in to the A.G.Studio with Alex to record final takes of all the material we’ve created (until then we need to figure out how the hell are we gonna do it for some crazy parts we came up with, haha). This album is totally worth the wait, you bet it is.
Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Photo by Alon Levin

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