Desert’s new “XV Years In Desert” t-shirt in stock!

Horns up, Desert Warriors !
We highly appreciate your support through all these years of our activity and in order to celebrate the upcoming Desert‘s 15th anniversary we decided to add a very special merch apparel that you already have a chance to order on our Desert webstore and on our upcoming shows during the “XV Years In Desert” tour.
This new t-shirt was designed by our good friend Jobert Mello from SledgeHammer Graphics, as always and now it’s already available for order in all sizes (this time include XXL size).
It’s really special and killer looking item!

Go to Desert’s webstore and grab your “XV Years In Desert” shirt!

Israeli legion, you’re already can get yours on our upcoming show in Haifa, March 30
Desert feat. Shiran – Rise from Haifa!
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See you all on tour !!!