DESERT crowd-funding update!

Dear backers and Desert Warriors!

The studio work on the album is done – writing, recording, singing, mixing, and it’s been made possible by YOU!

The music sounds great – the perfect balance of heavy and catchy, atmospheric and aggressive, we’re thrilled! It did take a little longer than planned, since we really wanted the perfect record, and you know, the 20/80 rule really applies here!
We’re now in the middle of communication and negotiation process with some great music labels and agencies, aiming to find the perfect partner to take us higher, so your contribution can have the biggest impact!

This means we can’t release the album just yet, we’ll have to gather a little bit of patience and humbly ask you to be patient too. 
We have started fulfilling the crowd-funding obligations not directly related to releasing the physical album. We will fulfill the unique perks shortly, and start sending out the physical merchandise such as books and t-shirts (which are already in manufacturing).
Naturally, backers who have chosen to receive the physical album will get it way before it hits the stores, and totally have the first exclusive time with it!
In any case the release of the album will not be delayed significanlty. If we won’t be satisfied with the deals we’re getting, the album will be released independently.
The decisions regarding the release the album will be made in the nearest few weeks and we are going to keep you updated.
Some of you who are going to catch us on upcoming European tour and want to grab the merch straight from the band’s hands are welcome to let us know!
Thank you for your support!

Forever yours,

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